St Catherine's Church

On Wednesday 17th April, 7.30pm as part of our Easter preparations, we will view,  

                                    in St Catherine’s the film ‘Of gods and men’ (2010)

An order of Trappist monks whose members include Christian (Lambert Wilson) and Luc (Michael Lonsdale) live among the Muslim population in a quiet corner of Algeria. As the country is plunged into civil war in the mid-1990s, the men of God must decide whether to stay among the impoverished residents who have been their neighbours, or flee the encroaching fundamentalist terrorists. The situation that unfolds, based on actual events, has tragic consequences. Based on true events.

Although the subject matter is grim, it is a film full of beauty and love, reminding us not only of the many Christians who suffer for their faith today, but of our Lord Jesus who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.





First Thursday of the month at 9am, St Catherine's Church.

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