St Boniface Church



St Boniface a will be collecting for the Foodbank

at their Harvest Festival service on





Every 3rd Tuesday in the month from 2-4 pm

we will be holding a SEWING BEE in Bonchurch Parish Church.

Entry will be free. Come and enjoy an
afternoon of sewing and chat. Just bring your sewing with you, anything
from your mending to a larger project.
Tea/Coffee and biscuits will be £1 with proceeds going towards

Isle of Wight FOODBANK - We have a Foodbank collection point at St Boniface

We currently have VERY LOW amounts or NO items of Rice, Sugar, Fruit Squash and Tinned Sponge Puddings.

Food Banks
In Ventnor it is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am until 12pm. 

Wanted: -
Tinned Fish- Meat - Vegetables - Snack Pots - Packets of Snacks- Sweets Long Life Fruit Juice-  Long Life Milk - Biscuits - Drinking Chocolate- Tea- Coffee - Sugar - Squash - Soup - Rice - Pasta sauces and pasta - Tinned sponge puddings - Rice pudding, -  Custard - Jam - Tinned tomatoes - beans and spaghetti -Cereals - Instant mashed potato - Sauces Brown or Red - Pickles (Branston type) - Jars Sandwich Spread - Tinned fish. (Sorry no fresh food)
Toilet paper - Kitchen rolls - Washing powder - Washing up Liquid - Toothpaste - Shampoo - Conditioner - Baby food.
Dog food tinned - Cat food tins or pouches.
Drop off points:  St Catherine’s Church - Holy Trinity Church - and St Boniface Church.
The Spar Shop in Ventnor also has a collection box