Benefice Diary or Calendar of Events

A joint initiative between all three parishes is hoping to better inform everyone of events taking place in the benefice, and at the same time try to avoid clashes of important fixtures.

A Benefice Diary has been put together and will appear on the parish website under the events heading. You will be able to view it (but not amend it) and if you are planning events at your church, or considering events for which other organisations want to use our premises, it will be possible to check and see whether the venue is free and whether or not the proposed event would conflict with any others.

The master copy is held by Helen Slade ( and if you want to add to, or amend, the spreadsheet please email her and she will update it, sending a new copy to the Hub for placing on the website.

This initiative will only be successful if people get into the habit of using it, and it has already proved useful in avoiding a potential clash. If it continues to fulfil a useful role, it may be possible to develop it so that amendments can be made more easily. But for the time being, administrative access to the spreadsheet will be restricted so that its effectiveness can be properly monitored. (Adrian Pinnock has a much more comprehensive booking record for St Catherine’s which includes some events (such as regular Prayer Hub meetings) which are not shown on the joint calendar because they will not normally interfere with event bookings.)

If you have any problems I will try to rectify the problem, or otherwise help, as soon as possible.




Copy of Combined benefice diary 2019 Version 6.xlsx