Holy Trinity

Organ - Holy Trinity
The organ was originally built by the firm of Forster and Andrews from Hull in 1865 and was played, for 61 years, by Edwin Lemare, the father of the famous organist and composer Edwin H Lemare. It was brought to Ventnor by a sailing ship from Hull. In 1889/90 Mr Lemare senior arranged a thorough clean and rebuild of the instrument, which included the addition of the Choir Organ, all of which cost £250.The organ received another makeover‘ in 1908 when the pneumatic action was installed. A benefactor from Winchester, Mr Charles Boyd, (who sometimes sang in the Choir) paid £1000 for the work to be completed, and it was carried out by Mr W J Burton, also of Winchester. Rather curiously, there is also a record that at this time or just after (1910) the organ from Holy Trinity, Ventnor was sent/sold to St Nectan Church in Hartland in Devon.
The National Pipe Organ Register suggests that the present organ at Holy Trinity may have been rebuilt by Father‘ Willis. However, it would seem from a contemporary report from the Isle of Wight Mercury dating from 14th February 1908 that the pedal board was of a Wesley-Willis‘ type. It was certainly a major overhaul and it may well be the case that substantial parts of the previous organ were no longer required. The new‘ organ at Holy Trinity was re-opened‘ with an inaugural concert, given by Mr Edwin H Lemare. He also played for the subsequent Sunday services. The Organ was described in the newspaper report as being one of the most up-to-date in the South of England‘ as a consequence of this re-build.
A subsequent renovation was undertaken in 1960 by Messrs Gray and Davidson at a cost of £608. Given that the work in 1908 was substantially more expensive it must be assumed that the organ was significantly altered at that time, which would be consistent with the transfer of the previous organ to Devon.
The organ is listed in the National Pipe Organ Register as having three manuals, each with 56 keys, 30 pedals and 33 stops. However, it currently seems to have over 40 stops!    


Address:-   Holy Trinity Church, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 1UY