Christening / Baptism 

 Some people think that they have to pay for Baptisms. 

 Baptisms are free!


Baptism is about being welcomed into the church family, the family of Christians who believe in Jesus Christ.  We consider it to be a real privilege to share with you this special ministry of Jesus through the thanksgiving for the birth of a child and /or the baptism /christening aspect of this 'rite of passage'.  We will be pleased to sit down and talk with you about the possibilities of christening your child in one of our three parishes.

If you are an adult who wishes to consider being baptised, we will be pleased to meet with you and discuss the possibilities as we share in the preparation for what will be a very special occasion.  

No baptism/ christening service takes place without a time of explanation and preparation, and only then when you are ready as an individual or as a family do we share the experience. 

For more information please contact one of our clergy colleagues about the possibility of being baptised.

Telephone 01983 853729